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Product Processing

The Process

We source fibre from matured, healthy husk free from insects and diseases. We never use artificial means like electricity, chemicals or fire to dry the fibre as it will kill the natural fibre qualities ultimately.

In order to retain all the natural, physical and chemical properties of the fibre, we use sunshine only to dry the fibre. We make sure our fibre is 100% sunshine dried.

Hence we call it High Grade Natural Premium Quality Coconut Fibre

Wonder why we call our fibre so? Because our process will make sure the following:

  • Moth-proof, resistant to fungi and rot
  • Provide excellent insulation against temperature and sound
  • Not easily combustible. Flame retardant
  • Unaffected by moisture and dampness
  • Tough and durable
  • Resilient - springs back to shape even after constant use
  • Totally static free
  • Easy to clean

City of Coconut Trees

We source fibre and cocopeat from the place in South India which is called the ‘City of Coconut Trees’. Here rich and healthy coconut trees are being cultivated in 300,000 acres of land. About 200,000 workers are engaged in this industry. The exports comes to 20,000 tons of fibre every month to China alone.


We are experts in preparing the shipping documents in strict confirmity with the requirements of exports.

Services of SGS/ Intertek can also be availed.