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About us

The Company

Excel Exports is one of the registered exporters of Government of India. It was established in 2004 from our parent business enterprise - M/s Kerala Sports - a name stood for quality sports goods founded way back in 1938. We are exporting to China, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, UK, Korea and Maldives.

We started export of coconut fibre to China from 2009. We are shipping coir products to Qingdao, Shanghai(Wai Guo Quio terminal), Huangpu etc. to name a few.

We are in the field of export for pretty a long time. Many exporters quote lesser rates and supply cheaper grade or make adjustments in weiht. We do export with business ethics, Yes, we export with a difference.

Currently we export coconut fibre, cocopeat, machine twisted fibre(rope or MTF), high class sports equipement etc. We are competent to export anything which the laws permits.

Our pursuit for Excellence

Excel Export is ably lead by Mathew Alexander and Thomas Alexander. We are the very few who export Haigh Grade Natural Premium Quality Coconut Fibre and cocopeat. The end user of this fibre can be used in making extra soft cushions, mattresses, upholstery and the like as it springs back to shape even after continuous usage.

We are proud to be part of this great international trade!

We source fibre and cocopeat from the place in South India which is callled the ‘City of Coconut Trees’. Here rich and healthy coconut trees are being cultivated in 300,000 acres of land. About 200,000 workers are engaged in this industry. The exports comes to 20000 tons of fibre every month to China alone